Romanski - Matter & Time Remixes
Cat.-No.: WM003

Wonder Music is back with a remix EP of Romanski’s last release "Matter & Time". Great re-interpretations of Romanski's original songs were contributed by the Hamburg-based RSS Disco, Nutia and Lukas Endhardt as well as the Berlin musician and producer Johannes Klingebiel.

Release date: 10 december 2021

For download and streaming links go here.

Romanski - Matter & Time
Cat.-No.: WM002

Matter & Time is Romanski's second EP on the Wonder Music label. It is a diverse journey of Iranian melody quotes, analog synthesizer arpeggios, tropical disco adventures and vocoder-based vocal interventions. Romanski does not adhere to a uniform scheme of tempo and rhythm. And so melodic slow techno (Mara Beboos), unusually edgy metre (Matter & Time), sprightly disco house (Hombre Sincero) and a laid-back afterhour vocal number (Ammaring) come together on this record. All of these facets are combined in a lively and spacey atmosphere with elaborate rhythm and sound textures that make Romanski's recognizable sound.

Digital and vinyl release is on 25 may 2021. For vinyl, download and streaming links go here.

Romanski - Wonder Edits
Cat.-Lo.: WM001

Released in 2018. The first EP of Romanski with edits and remixes of sexy bollywood disco, turkish 70’s rock and german prepared piano dreams.

Buy the vinyl at OYE RECORDS or download at BANDCAMP

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